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Among the challenges are moments of joy.

The federal government is committed to making every day better for people with dementia, their caregivers, and their families.


Find out how we’re taking action.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

When you volunteer for a clinical trial, you help bring us closer to Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention discoveries.

News & Events

Electron micrograph scan of a macrophage cell colored in amber, gold, and brown.
Rebooting immune cells’ metabolism shields the aging brain in mice
Researchers found and blocked a pathway leading to inflammation in the brains of aging mice, suggesting new ways to stall diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Blue DNA molecule, like a twisted ladder on a black abstract background.
Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Symposium open for registration
Alzheimer’s Disease Genetics Symposium will gather dementia researchers and clinicians to advance the conversation around Alzheimer’s genetics.
MRI scan of a person’s head with various sections of the brain colored in off-white and blue.
Studying macaques could help find treatments for Alzheimer’s disease
Study shows that research using rhesus macaques could help find new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease.