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Here's how you know

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Tips for caring for your loved one

Are you caring for a friend or family member with dementia? We have resources to help.


Find tips for everyday care.

Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

When you volunteer for a clinical trial, you help bring us closer to Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention discoveries.

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Two women share a laugh outdoors
Personality traits are related to measures of neurodegeneration
NIA study finds personality traits such as depression are linked to more neurodegeneration, while positivity and cheerfulness are associated with less neurodegeneration.
Woman listens as man describes material on a laptop
Work complexity linked to better cognitive aging
Two NIA-funded studies find association between complexity of work and later-life cognition.
Fit older woman sitting outside in a park
Dysfunctional muscle mitochondria linked to higher dementia risk
NIA study links lower mitochondrial function in muscle with an increased risk for future cognitive impairment and the development of brain changes associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

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