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Among the challenges are moments of joy.

The federal government is committed to making every day better for people with dementia, their caregivers, and their families.


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Why Participate in a Clinical Trial?

When you volunteer for a clinical trial, you help bring us closer to Alzheimer’s treatment and prevention discoveries.

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Graphic of blood cells traveling in a vein.
Blood lipids involved with the protective effect of an Alzheimer’s disease gene suggest new targets for prevention
Different forms of the APOE gene can either protect against or increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. Lipids associated with these genotypes could be therapeutic targets to prevent or treat the onset of this disease.
Beta amyloid peptid aggregating to amyloid plaques
Amyloid structure linked to different types of Alzheimer’s disease
The structure of filaments that come together to form amyloid plaques differ depending on whether a person has sporadic or inherited Alzheimer’s disease, or a different degenerative brain condition.
Graphic of a neuron colored green and red
Senescent brain cells may contribute to Alzheimer’s disease
People with Alzheimer’s have more senescent cells in their brains than people without this disease, a new NIA-supported study shows. These neurons have high levels of tau tangles.