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CAD106 and CNP520 to Prevent or Delay Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease (Generation)

Start: November 30, 2015
End: March 31, 2025
Enrollment: 1340

What Is This Study About?

This clinical trial will test whether two investigational drugs, CAD106 and CNP520, administered separately, can prevent or delay Alzheimer's disease symptoms in people at high risk of developing dementia based on their age and genetic status.

Do I Qualify To Participate in This Study?

Minimum Age: 60 Years

Maximum Age: 75 Years

Must have:

  • Women must be postmenopausal and not of childbearing potential
  • Mini-Mental State Examination total score of 24 (at screening or in previous 3 months) or greater
  • Cognitively unimpaired, as evaluated by memory tests performed at screening
  • Two APOE e4 alleles, based on genetic testing
  • Consent to receive disclosure of risk estimates to develop clinical symptoms of Alzheimer's based on APOE genotype
  • Willingness to have a study partner

Must NOT have:

  • Any disability that may prevent participant from completing all study requirements
  • Current medical or neurological condition that might impact cognition or performance on cognitive assessments
  • Advanced, severe, progressive, or unstable disease that may interfere with safety, tolerability, and study assessments or put participant at risk
  • History of cancer of any organ system, treated or untreated, within the past 5 years
  • Indication for or current treatment with cholinesterase inhibitor and/or memantine or another Alzheimer's treatment
  • Contraindication or intolerance to MRI or PET brain scans
  • Brain MRI results showing findings unrelated to Alzheimer's that might cause cognitive decline or a risk to the participant, or might prevent a satisfactory MRI assessment for safety monitoring
  • Suicidal ideation in the past 6 months or suicidal behavior in the past 2 years
  • Positive drug screen due to suspected drug abuse
  • Significantly abnormal laboratory results at screening
  • History of hypersensitivity to any of the investigational drugs or their excipients
  • Current clinically significant electrocardiogram findings

If I Qualify, Who Do I Contact?

Contact study personnel listed either under the general study contact or the location nearest you.


Who Is the General Study Contact?

For more information about this trial, contact Novartis Pharmaceuticals toll-free at 1-888-669-6682 or

Study Contact
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Need Help?

Contact NIA’s Alzheimer’s and related Dementias Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center at 800-438-4380 or email ADEAR.

Who Sponsors This Study?

Lead: Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Collaborator Sponsor

  • Banner Alzheimer's Institute
  • National Institute on Aging (NIA)
  • Alzheimer's Association
  • Amgen

Source: ID: NCT02565511

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