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Soluble Corn Fiber for Cognitive Health

Start: August 2, 2021
End: June 30, 2023
Enrollment: 40

What Is This Study About?

Studies suggest that regular consumption of dietary fiber supports physical health. This study will evaluate the effects of consuming soluble corn fiber (SCF) on cognitive function and gut health in middle-aged and older adults. Participants will be randomly assigned to consume 22 grams daily of either SCF or maltodextrin, a common food additive, for four weeks. The group assignments will then be reversed for another four weeks. All participants will complete questionnaires and provide stool specimens. Researchers will assess changes in cognitive function, including attention and memory, as well as mood. They will also evaluate any changes in the types of microbes living in the gastrointestinal system, called the gut microbiome, and the effects on digestion.

Do I Qualify To Participate in This Study?

Minimum Age: 45 Years

Maximum Age: 75 Years

Must have:

  • Normal cognition with Mini-Mental State Examination score higher than 24
  • Have normal or corrected-to-normal vision
  • Agree to refrain from taking pre-or probiotic supplements during the study
  • Agree to inform researchers of any changes in medications during the study
  • Body mass index between 18.5 to 34.9
  • Dietary fiber consumption of < 12 grams each day for women and < 19 grams each day for men 
  • Agree to maintain usual diet and level of physical activity throughout the study period

Must NOT have:

  • Presence of neurological disease, gastrointestinal diseases, prediabetes, or diabetes
  • Color blindness
  • History of antibiotics or smoking over the past three months
  • Consuming an extreme dietary pattern (e.g., vegan or keto)
  • Allergies to corn, maltodextrin, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, or soy

If I Qualify, Who Do I Contact?

Contact study personnel listed either under the general study contact or the location nearest you.


Need Help?

Contact NIA’s Alzheimer’s and related Dementias Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center at 800-438-4380 or email ADEAR.

Where Is This Study Located?

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Urbana, IL 61801
Naiman A Khan, PhD, RD

Who Sponsors This Study?

Lead: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Collaborator Sponsor

  • Tate and Lyle Ingredients Americas LLC

Source: ID: NCT05066425